I tried to fit most of the tech-relevant info in this one-pager, keeping it nice and clean. Mixing work and passion keeps me busy, so there are many other experiences that I'm happy to share and have a chat about. Go ahead and reach me on Linkedin!

Out of some notable mentions which didn't make the cut, I'm involved in a program called Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Instructor. Basically, we need to create high-quality content which will help you guys to get familiar with Oracle's solutions as fast as possible. Below you can find the video I've created and got me nominated to this initiative.

OCI Instructor - quick start for Oracle’s Kubernetes managed service
Quick start for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Container Engine, Oracle’s managed Kubernetes Service.

A second one would be my involvement in what is called the Center of Excellence for Cloud Architecture. I was lucky enough to be selected among some very, very smart guys across EMEA region. Our goal is to build architecture design patterns for different use cases and facilitate the adoption of using those within the Solution Engineering community.

And if it was not crystal clear already, all the content which can be found on this blog is created by me, from articles to illustrations. Very often I find myself in the position of delivering presentations, and for some time I create my own visuals, presentations, content. I have a lot of fun doing what I really enjoy, combining two of the things I love: technology and content creation.