Hi Folks, we recently heard that now Autonomous Database has new feature called Autonomous Data Guard to let your database failover or switchover between your primary and standby database to fulfill your disaster recovery and data protection for your Autonomous Database instance.

Here is my short introduction video of how can you enable Autonomous data guard for yourself. You can enable Autonomous Data Guard when Autonomous Database is available.

Basically you don't need any experience at all, this a great deal for companies who do not have deep database knowledge base. When you enable Autonomous Data Guard, the system creates a standby database that continuously gets updated with the changes from the primary database.

After you enable Autonomous Data Guard, the system will now monitor your primary instance and will make automatically failover to your standby database whenever it is required. Good thing about this automatic failover is, you don't have to initiate it.

But in some scenarios, in case it didn't succeed automatic failover, it will show you a message when it intended to do and why it failed.

Manual switchover is easy as just clicking on a button, switchover.

When Autonomous Data Guard is enabled, if you perform a switchover operation the primary database becomes the standby database, and the standby database becomes the primary database, with no data loss.

When Autonomous Data Guard is enabled the RTO and RPO numbers are as follows:

  • Automatic Failover: the RTO is two (2) minutes and RPO is zero (0).
  • Manual Failover: the RTO is two (2) minutes and RPO is up to five (5) minutes.

Once you have successfully switchover or failover to your standby, you can perform this simple checks by logging to your database.

Here is official source documents for your reference and better understanding.

Of course if you don't want a standby database and wish to disable autonomous dataguard, it's just a few clicks away.

Enjoy autonomous database and it's features.

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