Looking for something Oracle Cloud Infrastructure related? Most likely you will find your answer in the official documentation, it's the best place to start from no matter what. I'm using it daily, so I find this tweak very useful. Directly from Chrome's search bar (which can be accessed with Ctrl + L), I can search my keywords against Oracle documentation. Interested in K8S support in Oracle Cloud? Go ahead and search for it.

You will need to add the OCI Docs as a Search Engine in Chrome settings. Type in your address bar the following:


Most likely you will find beside the default search engine some other websites. We will add Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation here as well. Just follow the steps in the animation below. Copy-Paste the URL, but whatever name you want and make sure you're using a short keyword because you will type it whenever you want to search OCI Docs, followed by a tab. Something like oci or ocidocs should do the trick!

One more thing. Check the URL below. Can you see what is changed? Have you noticed where %s is positioned? Basically, this is a construct that will replace whatever you're looking to search, and it has to be specified correctly in the URL.


Save it and you're ready to search OCI Docs. Just type your keyword you've just set followed by Tab Button and you're ready to explore.

It should not come as a surprise, but you can do this for many other sources. Take a look at Kubernetes Docs and you will see that you can follow pretty much the same steps. Different keywords, different sources! As fast as it can get.